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The exhibition site at the ‘Russian Energy Week’ Forum will bring together representatives of the most advanced sectors of the country’s energy market. Companies that are industry leaders in the production of oil, gas, and coal, the processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, electric power, as well as the provision of services will present their latest technologies and innovative solutions.

Keenly aware of the energy sector’s importance to the country’s development, the state provides comprehensive support to industry enterprises at all levels of government. The participation of the state authorities and structures in the exhibition fully confirms this. In particular, the Moscow Government and the Republic of Tatarstan will present booths that will clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of energy conservation projects being jointly implemented with the energy sector, their environmentally friendly approach to resources, and a number of other areas.

The exhibitors will also include players from the financial sector, automotive industry, manufacturers of renewable and alternative energy sources, as well as companies engaged in energy conservation and energy efficiency and investments in the fuel and energy sector.

The exhibition will become a landmark platform that demonstrates a wide range of innovative ideas, exclusive products, services, technologies, and trends in the energy sector and related industries.