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June 26, 2018

Atom for Peace Day in the Kaluga Region

On Tuesday, 26 June, the Kaluga Region celebrates the Atom for Peace Day. According to the press service of the regional government, it was on this day of 1954 that the world's first nuclear power plant was commissioned in Obninsk. In honour of the memorable event, in the beginning of the 2018 the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region declared 26 June a memorable date of regional significance.

“A new age of humankind began in the remote year of 1954 with the launch of the first nuclear power plant in Obninsk. Scientists and engineers turned the destructive force of the atom for the benefit of our civilization, opened new horizons for its effective peaceful use. The tamed atom is the pride of Russia, the most important factor of its stability, sovereignty and power,” Anatoly Artamonov, the Governor of the Kaluga Region said in this celebratory speech.

The launch of the world’s first nuclear power plant has become an unprecedented event in the world history. The plant was used as a research facility, and the first nuclear submarines crews were also trained here, as well as, subsequently, staff of many newly built nuclear power plants from USSR, China, GDR and other countries.

“The nuclear industry is one of the trademarks of the Kaluga Region. A large group of nuclear experts involved in the development of the nuclear shield of Russia and peaceful atom facilities work in our region,” the Governor of the Kaluga Region added.

He also mentioned that nuclear technologies today are a crucial part of the space industry and nuclear medicine, agricultural radiology and radioecology. It is the scope of these technologies implementation that led to the establishment of the Kaluga nuclear cluster in the region. Its residents lay the groundwork for solving important scientific, technical and fuel energy tasks.

Obninsk NPP is a nuclear power plant located in the city of Obninsk, Kaluga Region. It is the world’s first nuclear power plant connected to the electrical network, as well as the first nuclear power plant of the Soviet Union.

In April 2002 it was decommissioned and now it is a memorial complex. Obninsk NPP is the first nuclear power plant decommissioned in Russia.

The building of the world’s first nuclear power plant in Obninsk is a cultural heritage site of Russia of regional significance and is protected by the state.

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