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October 17, 2017

Dietrich Möller: “Siemens is prepared to take part in projects to modernize Russian power plants”

Siemens Russia President Dietrich Möller said in a speech during the plenary session ‘The Future of the Electricity Industry: How Power Systems and Consumers Are Set to Change’ as part of Russian Energy Week that, according to his company, roughly 50% of power plants in Russia are in need of modernization and “Siemens is ready to make a proposal”.

“In these conditions, it is important to be a technology partner that is able to offer the widest range of equipment combined with extensive experience in implementing projects of very different levels of complexity”, Möller said.

Among the main trends in the development of equipment suppliers, Möller cited: the modernization of obsolete power generation infrastructure, the transition to new technologies, increased capacity, and the growing demand among customers for the use of digital technologies and cloud services in all areas of the electric power industry.

Möller noted that Siemens is satisfied with the work of its joint venture with Power Machines and does not plan to make any changes. “We have no plans to make any changes to the joint venture with Power Machines”, he said. 

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