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August 4, 2017

#BrighterTogether festival kicks off campaign to collect signatures to support personal declaration on careful attitude to energy resources

The website of the #BrighterTogether All-Russian Energy Conservation Festival started collecting signatures to support the personal declaration on a careful attitude to energy resources and a personal contribution to the development of the Russian economy. This campaign has been conducted since 2016 and has collected roughly 60,000 votes from the country’s residents. In 2017, the document text was adjusted to add new emphasis taking into account the Year of Ecology in Russia and an international theme.

The declaration addresses the need for a careful attitude to energy resources and nature as well as the development of modern energy-efficient technologies that help to improve the competitiveness of the country’s economy. Any citizen of Russia who shares the position set forth in the Declaration can support it by clicking the button under the full document text reading “I will try to save energy at home and at work so that our country is strong and competitive!”

Detailed information about participation in the campaign is available at the website: www.вместеярче.рф.

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