Alexander Novak calls REW 2018 a “good platform” for pulling Russian-U.S. relations out of “artificial deadlock”

September 14, 2018

Alexander Novak calls REW 2018 a “good platform” for pulling Russian-U.S. relations out of “artificial deadlock”

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak met with U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry in Moscow on 13 September.

The officials discussed key areas of energy cooperation during their talks. Novak said one of the top priorities is to resume the activities of a joint working group on energy.

“Our countries are the leading energy powers that guarantee global security. And only through joint efforts will we be able to meet the growing demand for energy around the world. Russia is in favour of transparency on global energy markets”, Novak said.

For his part, Perry stressed that cooperation between Russia and the U.S. is in the interests of the entire global economy.

Perry said the world needs Russia and the U.S. to work together and be together as two major powers. He said both countries understand their strategic importance and the need for a transparent market and to preserve the competitive atmosphere in the market.

Following the meeting, Novak called the negotiations insightful and added that the sides succeeded in making sure they are on the same page.

“We discussed a long list of issues. Energy allows us to find common ground in separate areas. Our countries are leading world powers and leaders in hydrocarbon production”, Novak said. “I suggested to my colleague that we think about creating a joint investment fund in energy efficiency and developing technologies with the participation of the Russian Direct Investment Fund”.

Novak said “Russia and the United States can find common ways for interaction and this shows that there are no insurmountable obstacles”.

Perry agreed that the U.S. and Russia have good opportunities to develop bilateral contacts and a dialogue.

During the meeting, Novak invited his U.S. counterpart to Russian Energy Week, which will be held in Moscow on 3–6 October 2018. Novak called the event “a good platform” for pulling Russian-U.S. relations out of the current situation: “I wanted to restate our invitation to Russian Energy Week. An open dialogue will help pull our relations out of the artificial deadlock”.

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