Anton Inyutsin speaks about the Russian Energy Week programme

October 3, 2017

Anton Inyutsin speaks about the Russian Energy Week programme

October 3, Moscow. The Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anton Inyutsyn spoke about the upcoming Russian Energy Week on RBC.

“As of today, we have had confirmation of participation from the CEOs from about thirty foreign energy corporations, twenty two ministers, over twenty deputy ministers from around the world, and two vice-premiers, from Uzbekistan and Libya” said Anton Inyutsyn, adding that they are expecting about two hundred Russian top managers to attend.

According to the Deputy Head of the Energy Ministry, such an interest in the Forum is the result of the fact that the fuel and energy sector is one of the central areas of the Russian economy. “In fact, one rouble spent in energy is worth 4 to 6 roubles in other sectors. This is a sort of order that we are creating,” said Anton Inyutsyn.

The Deputy Minister also talked about the agenda of the REW 2017: “The business program is divided into several sections, including oil, gas, nuclear energy. We have also given electric power a separate block, and naturally there is ample room for topics like renewable energy sources and energy saving.”

According to Anton Inyutsyn, two league tables will be presented at the Forum: one for energy efficiency by region and one by Russian electricity company.

The Deputy Minister also mentioned REW 2017 Youth day. “We expect nearly three thousand participants to attend the event, each of whom will have an opportunity to ask their questions to the Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, and will participate in finding solutions to cases. We hope to unite future talents and those seeking them, and we expect this event to lay down a positive tradition.”

Source: Ministry of Energy

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