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October 13, 2022

Russian Deputy Minister: Fuel and Energy Companies Have Great Opportunities for Digitalization, But Industry Has Its Own Specifics

The Russian fuel and energy industry has a number of specific features that must be taken into account when introducing new digital solutions, Russian Deputy Minister of Energy Eduard Sheremettsev said at the Russian Energy Week International Forum (REW 2022).

Sheremettsev noted that the energy sector has a continuous production and technological process and this must be taken into account when introducing new digital solutions and innovative tools.

“This is why more complex solutions are applied here and highly qualified specialists are needed so that the main production processes are not stopped,” he said.

Fuel and energy companies have been actively involved in digitalization issues for many years and have already developed rather advanced tools, he said.

“There are companies that began investing quite a lot of money back in 2013–2014 in order to switch to domestic solutions, while using the experience of foreign solutions. They have created rather advanced tools that are in many ways superior to foreign solutions. We are on the threshold of great opportunities. We are already in the stage of realizing these opportunities,” Sheremettsev said.

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