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October 4, 2019

Best MediaTEK Project Presented at REW 2019

At the Russian Energy Week, the winners and nominees of the Russian MediaTEK 2019 Competition shared their best practices in implementing information support projects for the construction of power facilities, technology modernization, digitalization, popularization of fuel and energy careers, programmes to nudge customers to pay for services on time, and preventative energy safety programmes for children. The most notable project was the Rosseti ‘Energy Leaders’ competition.

 “‘Energy Leaders’ is a competition for young managers and one of our most notable image projects. Its goal is to identify leading industry specialists and create a pool of managers ready to implement large-scale projects to develop the nation's electrical grid. Over the course of a month, over 1,800 people responsible for managing regional electrical grids and similar subdivisions across Russia demonstrated their theoretical knowledge and practical skills, completing various challenges online and on location and sharing their experiences. Experts identified one hundred leading specialists based on the results of this competition,” said Rosseti’s Director of Information Policy and Public Relations Department Dmitriy Bobkov.

The meeting was moderated by Assistant to the Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Son Ir Li who highlighted the scale of the ‘Energy Leaders’ competition and proposed that fuel and energy companies’ press services should seek to replicate this successful experiment.

The fuel and energy companies presenting their projects included: T Plus (Territory of Childhood with T Plus), Mosenergo (Career Counseling at the Museum. The Young Generation Chooses Mosenergo), the OGK-2 branch Kirishskaya GRES (Career Counseling Quest – the Reality Show ‘I Want to Be a Director’), the RusHydro branch Zhiguli Hydropower Plant (Reserve Energy), Yakutskenergo (the television show ‘Yakutia’s Energy’), and more.