Agenda determined for Russian Energy Week 2018

March 16, 2018

Agenda determined for Russian Energy Week 2018

Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak chaired a meeting of the Organizing Committee in charge of preparing for and holding the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow on 16 March.

This year the Forum is expected to be attended by more than 6,000 representatives of Russian and foreign businesses and about 1,000 media representatives. “In his speech to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin outlined the key tasks required to further develop our country. The priorities he cited included ensuring Russia’s leadership in key areas, which certainly encompasses the energy industry,” Adviser to the Russian President and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov said. In addition, he separately thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Russia’s diplomatic missions for actively supporting and promoting REW abroad and also drew attention to issues related to the preparation of the event’s exhibition site and the Forum’s business programme. “Taking into account the experience of last year’s event and in an effort to develop the Forum, there needs to be a new arrangement for the layout of the exhibition. This year we are working with the concept of setting up the exhibition area uniformly for the main energy sectors. It is equally important that the booths serve as a place to attract business networking among REW participants,” Kobyakov added.

Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak expressed confidence that the event, which was granted presidential status last year, would become an international platform for the global analysis of the entire energy industry within the next few years. The interest in the largest event in the energy sector must be effectively utilized to create the business agenda for REW 2018, he said. “The list of instructions for the implementation of the Russian President’s Address to the Federal Assembly was approved today. The priorities include themes that are relevant for our industry. They must be taken into account when drawing up the REW business programme and exhibition. Particular attention should be paid to the modernization and introduction of digital technologies in the energy sector,” Novak said. He also expressed confidence that fuel and energy industry leaders would be actively involved in determining the main discussion themes at the Forum.

Russian Deputy Minister of Energy Anton Inyutsyn said that the ‘MediaTEK’ contest has started receiving and processing applications. Like last year, the contest’s Expert Council, which will again be headed by the Dmitry Peskov, will announce the results and present awards to the winners during Russian Energy Week in October 2018.

Head of the Moscow Housing and Utility Services Department Gasan Gasangadzhiyev reported on the progress of measures to prepare Moscow for the event. In particular, he noted that the city’s infrastructure and the site where REW will be held to ensure the organization of the event at the highest level. Particular attention will be paid to security issues and interaction among the city’s various services.

Upon conclusion of the meeting, representatives of fuel and energy companies expressed their readiness to invite their international business partners to take part in REW and discuss the substantive component of the event.

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