Russian Energy Week 2023 Announces Business Programme Details

September 29, 2023

Russian Energy Week 2023 Announces Business Programme Details

Detailed information about the business programme sessions of the Russian Energy Week International Forum 2023, which will take place at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow on 1113 October 2023, has been released on theForum’s official website. The central theme of REW 2023 is ‘The New Reality of Global Energy: Building the Future’.

“Russian Energy Week continues to have the status of one of the key discussion platforms for addressing the most current trends in the modern fuel and energy industry. This year, the participants will discuss key issues concerning the development of the industry, new challenges, obstacles, and successes from collaboration. I am certain that the meeting of energy sector leaders at a single site, as per tradition, will strengthen the mutually beneficial cooperation of government agencies, corporations, and companies in numerous strategic areas,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said.

This year, the Forum’s business programme includes more than 30 events, which are divided into the following thematic pillars: ‘The International Agenda’, ‘Sustainable Development and the Climate’, ‘Scientific and Technological Development and the Digital Transformation’, and ‘The Development of the Fuel and Energy Sector’.

“The entire global energy information agenda, which is primarily shaped by the Western media, currently revolves around two main theses: how we can ensure a calm new energy transition without any shocks, and whether a reliable and safe market can be built without Russia. Three quarters of the world understands that this is impossible. The Western world also understands this, but is afraid to admit it. Not only could the global world market not exist without Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other [hydrocarbon] producing and high-tech energy powers, it couldn’t even answer the question: what awaits it in five, ten, twenty years. Today, it appears only Russia can assemble serious, professional discussion platforms on these topics. Russian Energy Week is where all these questions can be answered,” Adviser to the Russian President and Executive Secretary of the REW 2023 Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov said.

The sessions of ‘The International Agenda” pillar focus on: turbulence in the global oil and gas market, various scenarios for global energy development, and prospects for the use of eco-friendly and sustainable energy sources. Special attention will be paid to the prospects for energy cooperation between Russia and African countries, as well as Russia and China.

The sessions of ‘The Development of the Fuel and Energy Sector’ section of the business programme will focus on various industry trends. In particular, the Forum participants and guests will discuss prospects for the decarbonization of the energy sector, the future of the use of natural gas (methane), new challenges for the coal industry, and the development of the Russian hydropower industry. The discussions will also address cryptocurrency mining and its impact on the energy sector, ways to enhance the reliability of the distribution network, the development of a heat supply system, and the occupational health and safety of workers in the electric power industry.

Scientific and technological development and digital transformation will also be among the key themes of Russian Energy Week. The business programme participants will share their thoughts on urbanization and cities of the future, the introduction of modern energy solutions, and technological sovereignty in the oil and gas sector. Industry experts will discuss new hydrogen energy technologies and the digital transformation of energy. They will pay particular attention to artificial intelligence and the prospects for using it in the fuel and energy sector, as well as the development of electric transport and related infrastructure.

Finally, the sessions of the ‘Sustainable Development and the Climate’ pillar will focus on the future of low-carbon energy in Russia and new climate projects. In addition, major employers in the fuel and energy sector will speak during REW about their experience competing for skilled professionals, new challenges in their communication activities, and the vulnerability of company brands, which is higher than ever today.

The ‘Territory of Energy Dialogue’ Conference will take place on the opening day of REW 2023. The main programme of the Forum will also include business breakfasts on the topics ‘Energy for a New Day: Preserving the Present, Creating the Future’ and ‘Route Created: The Exchange Highway for the Fuel and Energy Sector’.

In addition, the Global Energy Prize will be presented during REW for outstanding research and scientific and technical developments that help improve the efficiency and environmental safety of energy sources on Earth in the interests of all humanity. Awards will also be presented to the winners of the ‘Energy of the Pen’ international journalism prize, which recognizes journalists, observers, and experts who cover the most pressing issues in the modern energy sector, including the transformation of the global energy balance, the development of new technologies, and climate change.

The Russian Energy Week programme will conclude with the traditional Youth Day. Young specialists and students from Russian and international energy universities will have an opportunity to personally pose questions to energy industry professionals and enterprise managers, as well as present their initiatives and the results of their work.

The Russian Energy Week International Forum is a key international platform for discussing current trends in the modern fuel and energy industry. The event is traditionally attended by the CEOs of major companies in the energy industry. In 2022, REW included over 70 events that were attended by more than 270 speakers. The Forum was attended by over 3,000 participants and media representatives from Russia and 83 foreign states and territories.

The Forum is being organized by the Roscongress Foundation and the Russian Ministry of Energy with the support of the Moscow Government.

Please visit the Forum’s official website to view the business programme architecture.

Official website of REW: Follow the latest news about REW and the industry on the official REW page on VKontakte.

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