Unique wind power plant launched in Tiksi

November 8, 2018

Unique wind power plant launched in Tiksi

RusHydro has commissioned a unique wind power plant in the Arctic settlement of Tiksi, which is currently home to over 4,600 people. The 900-kW wind power plant will enhance the reliability of power supplies to Tiksi and reduce the consumption of expensive imported diesel fuel in the Bulunsky District of Yakutia. According to experts, up to 500 tonnes will be conserved per year as a result of the plant.

The three wind turbines were uniquely designed to operate in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. The wind turbines can operate at temperatures of up to −50ºC and with wind speeds up to 70 m/s. Each of the three wind turbines is 41.5 m high and their blade diameter is 33 m. The equipment was manufactured by the Japanese company Komaihaltek.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by RusHydro Chairman of the Board and General Director Nikolay Shulginov, Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev, NEDO Executive Director Takashi Omote as well as representatives of the Japanese companies Takaoka Toko and Mitsui.

“The launch of the wind-diesel complex in Tiksi is an example of effective international cooperation to introduce innovative technologies in the Russian power industry”, Shulginov said.

After testing this unique technology, RusHydro will be ready to consider ways to localize equipment production in Russia and the possibility of replicating the technology in off-the-grid areas of the Far East.

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