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The Roscongress personal account is an information space, communication tool, and service platform for participants of all Roscongress Foundation events.

Services in the Roscongress personal account

Use your new account to:

- keep track of future events organized by the Roscongress Foundation and plan your schedule in the business calendar;

- submit applications for events you are interested in;

- view all the events you are participating in on one page;

- find out about changes to your participation status and learn about services you can access at various Roscongress Foundation events;

- access analytical information about the Foundation’s events.

How to start using your Roscongress personal account

If you received an invitation or your application to attend a Roscongress Foundation event in 2021 or 2022(Russian Investment Forum, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Eastern Economic Forum) was approved by the relevant Organizing Committee, you already have your Roscongress personal account.

Your personal account login and password information, were previously sent to you by the email specified during registration.

If you have forgotten your login and password, you can use the login and password recovery function on the Roscongress personal account login page or contact us by email:

If you are not yet registered in the Roscongress personal account, you can register through Roscongress personal account.

The registration process for a Roscongress personal account consists of five steps. Step one is filling in your personal details. You will then be prompted to provide your passport information, information about your organization, and contact details. The fifth and final step is selecting the event you wish to attend. You can select REW 2022 when registering for a Roscongress personal account, or submit an application from your account later.

Once you have completed the registration process, an email will be sent to the address you specified, containing your login and password for your Roscongress personal account.