Siemens Energy event and exhibition hosted by Russian Energy Week

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Siemens Energy event hosted by Russian Energy Week

10 December 2020
‘Decarbonization as Major Trend and Prerequisite for Sustainability’

Siemens Energy will host an event under the auspices of Russian Energy Week on ‘Decarbonization as Major Trend and Prerequisite for Sustainability’.

The event will take place in a hybrid online and offline format*.

Global energy systems are undergoing a process of transformation defined by environmentally friendly technologies and solutions. The transition to the sustainable energy system of the future, however, will not happen overnight, and decarbonization will not automatically follow advances in renewable energy. In view of this, innovative technologies designed to significantly reduce the negative environmental impacts of energy production without hurting business are coming to the fore across the fuel and energy market. At a time when environmental targets are increasingly forming an integral part of the strategies and policies not only of key energy players, but entire countries, it is vital to respond to a number of questions. What will the energy system of the future look like? How can we prepare for the coming changes in the energy landscape? Why is decarbonization at the forefront and what will its role in building a new energy system look like? What should industry players do today in order to remain competitive in the future?

The innovative format, which has never been seen before in the industry, will include fully immersive digital visualizations, allowing our experts to provide answers to these questions and more, explaining what underpins the trend for decarbonization and why it is so important with the help of the latest analytical data and graphical representations.

In-person attendance is possible by special invitation only and requires a certificate with a negative COVID-19 test result, issued not more than 48 hours before the event*.


For the best experience, we recommend watching the broadcast in 360 degrees


Siemens Energy exhibition hosted by Russian Energy Week

10–11 December 2020 – Pavilion 55, VDNKh, Moscow
‘We energize society. Let’s make tomorrow different today!’

Siemens Energy will present an exhibition under the auspices of Russian Energy Week titled ‘We energize society. Let’s make tomorrow different today!’

Our world is constantly changing and every day brings new challenges for the energy industry. The transformation of the global energy market is taking place at such a rapid pace that it is no longer enough to be flexible in adapting to the inevitable changes in the energy landscape: change must be anticipated. The energy market of today is a multifaceted and layered system with many interconnections, and staying ahead of dynamic market trends is essential to remaining competitive in a complex and rapidly changing market. With its vast experience and intimate knowledge of the sector, Siemens Energy can become a reliable partner and guide to the world of new technologies and the energy system of the future.

For the first time in Russia, a large-scale virtual 5D cinema in 360 degrees will offer participants of the Siemens Energy exhibition a feeling of total immersion, where they will learn about the latest technologies and cutting-edge solutions across the energy market though case studies of some of the world’s most outstanding projects.

Participants must register in order to attend the virtual 5D cinema exhibition.

Cinema opening hours: 10 December from 14:30 to 19:00, 11 December from 10:00 to 18:00


Power-to-X Technologies
Towards a CO2-Free Future

Reducing the energy sector’s emissions of harmful substances through the use of renewable energy sources is the key to decarbonizing the global economy and creating fundamentally new business models for energy companies.

Power-to-X technologies allow renewable energy sources to be used to generate green e-Hydrogen or synthetic e-Fuels, ensuring the supply of clean energy to manufacturing enterprises, heat supply systems and transportation. Power-to-X technologies open up wide-ranging possibilities to improve the environment and develop business: e-Hydrogen can be used as a raw material to heat factories and homes, or as a fuel for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. When there is reduced energy supply from renewable sources, it can be converted back into electric energy.

Furthermore, it will soon be possible to synthesize carbon-free e-Ammonia or green e-Methanol using green hydrogen, which will help to support decarbonization efforts as a whole. Synthetic e-Fuel products will replace fuel in trucks, ships and even aeroplanes (e-Jet). Ecological e-Ammonia can be used in fertilizers, while e-Methanol is a basic chemical compound with applications almost everywhere. Only minimal alterations to existing fossil fuel generation methods are required in order to transition to a Power-to-X model, meaning that new technologies can be rapidly introduced.


‘Power-to-X Technologies: Strategic Business in a Carbon-Free World’ brochure

The Power-to-X approach has been developed with consideration of the business interests of energy companies in these new conditions. There are many potential uses for these technologies in industry and utilities, and Siemens Energy’s suite of solutions has the power to help any company unleash its true potential. Get a copy of our brochure to find out more about innovative technologies in the energy sector.