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October 7, 2017

‘The Pride of Russia – Miners’ photo exhibition presented during REW

The Russian Energy Week exposition was enhanced by the best works of the ‘The Pride of Russia – Miners’ photo exhibition organized by the Russian Ministry of Energy in conjunction with SUEK to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the coal industry’s professional holiday – Miner’s Day.

The Moscow House of Artists displayed more than 200 photographs devoted to both the history and the present of the coal industry throughout September. The bulk of the exposition consisted of works by the famous industrial photographer Maxim Marmur.

The exhibition organizers presented about 20 of the most vivid photos at the Russian Energy Week forum.

“We wanted to show, particularly to the residents of the European part of the country, who know little about the coal industry, how the coal industry has changed over the past decades, what a modern, technological, powerful, and promising industry it is, and what wonderful people work in it”, SUEK CEO Vladimir Rashevsky said.

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