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October 23, 2017

Johan Vanderplaetse: “Russian Energy Week is a key event for the energy industry”

President of Schneider Electric for Russia and CIS Johan Vanderplaetse noted that Russian Energy Week was a key event for the energy industry.

“Russian Energy Week has become a major platform for discussing the objectives of the industry and innovative technologies and working out solutions for the development of the energy sector, not only on a Russian scale, but on a global scale as well”, he said.

Vanderplaetse also spoke during the panel discussion ‘Russian–European Cooperation: The Path to Global Improvements in Energy Efficiency’. He stressed that energy efficiency is a key priority of the global energy policy. Energy and environmental security, combating climate change, and ensuring universal access to energy all depend on energy efficiency.

Schneider Electric Executive Vice President for Industry Member of the Executive Committee Peter Herweck, for his part, took part in the plenary session ‘Uniting the Efforts of the Infrastructure Sector and the Regions to Achieve Economic Growth’ at which experts discussed the future of the fuel and energy industry in the context of the digitalization of the economy.

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