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October 5, 2019

Alexander Novak and Mikhail Kotyukov Hold ‘Dialogue as Equals’ as Part of REW 2019 Youth Day

Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak and Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education Mikhail Kotyukov held a ‘Dialogue as Equals’ with young specialists, schoolchildren, and students as part of the Youth Day programme during the Russian Energy Week International Forum.

Novak said this format makes it possible to get a better understanding of the needs of future and aspiring workers in the industry.

“I am glad that you are here today – students and schoolchildren from different parts of the country. I know that young specialists and students from other countries are also present here. Thank you for being with us today”, Novak said.

Novak noted that the Russian Energy Week International Forum is being held for the third time. This major industry event has brought more than 10,000 people together, a record number of participants.

“Representatives of 80 countries, about two hundred company leaders, and more than 20 ministers from different countries are taking part in our International forum. This shows that the Forum is gaining momentum and is becoming an international platform where global problems and trends in the fuel and energy industry are discussed”, he said.

Novak said he was confident that meetings with young people would facilitate the development of human resources and the emergence of young, educated, and aspiring professionals in the industry.

“Young people have published a forecast for the development of the energy sector and I am very surprised that almost everything we have talked about is reflected there – there is nothing else to add. Young people clearly understand where the fuel and energy industry is headed what we need for this”, he said.

Kotyukov noted that more and more young people are present each year at the meeting with ministers during REW.

“The energy industry is one of the most important sectors for Russia. Issues concerning the development of the fuel and energy sector today have taken on the format of national tasks and priorities”, Kotyukov said.