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July 3, 2019

Kremlin Hosts Official Ceremony to Award Letters of Credence

President Vladimir Putin has accepted letters of credence from newly arrived ambassadors of foreign states. The heads of 18 diplomatic missions attended the ceremony at Alexander Hall at the Grand Kremlin Palace.

The President of the Russian Federation welcomed participants to the official ceremony and expressed his hope that issues relating to an advancement in political dialogue, along with economic, humanitarian and other related issues, would be permanently transparent.

“We are wholeheartedly interested in the success of your efforts, and we will certainly provide all-round assistance to your positive initiatives. Russia is open to mutually beneficial cooperation with all states, without exception, based on equality and respect for each other’s interests, non-interference in internal affairs and strict compliance with international law,” stated President Putin.

The President dedicated particular attention to the key business events which are due to take place in Russia this year. He noted the Russian Energy Week 2019, which would allow for a discussion of how to facilitate global energy security, comprehensive access to energy, and a reduction in price volatility on the global energy markets.