The Energy Efficiency and Energy Development International Forum - ‘Russian Energy Week’ will take place in accordance with Order No. 2026-r of the Government of the Russian Federation dated September 27, 2016.

The Forum is being held to demonstrate the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy industry and unlock the potential of international cooperation in the energy sector. The Forum business programme includes six main pillars: the development of the gas, oil, and coal industries, petrochemistry, electricity, and energy conservation and increased energy efficiency.

Russian Energy Week will take place on October 3–7, 2017 in Moscow.

Forum venue: Central exhibition hall ‘Manege’ (1, Manezhnaya Ploshchad, Moscow) (view on map). Detailed information about the venue for the main events of the Forum’s business programme is available in the Venue section.

The Forum’s Organizing Committee is chaired by Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak.

A full list of the members of the Organizing Committee in charge of preparing for and staging REW 2017 is available in the About the Forum – Organizing Committee section.


The personal web office is the participant’s personal section on the Forum's official website, where you can edit personal information, upload a badge photo, apply for any services you need (hotel accommodation, transportation and sightseeing services, etc.), and also fill out the contract and pay for participation.

To access the personal web office, you must enter the login and password provided in the information letter that you received along with the invitation to the Forum.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of information entered in the personal web office?

The Forum organizers strictly comply with legislative requirements on the protection of each participant’s personal data.

The personal web office was developed on the basis of SSL special data encryption technology, which ensures the maximum security and confidentiality of any personal information you provide.

The requirements for the badge photo are:

  • a colour photo against a white background in JPEG format;
  • photo size of 480×640 pixels;
  • resolution (photo quality) of 300 dpi;
  • a full-face photo with no head gear;
  • your face must take up at least 70% of the photo.

After a participant has entered personal data in the registration form or the personal web office, it can only be edited by contacting your personal manager.


You can only attend the Forum with a written invitation from the Organizing Committee.

If you are interested in attending the Forum, you need to complete a form in the Registration section.

Applications to attend the Forum will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee and, if approved, the applicant will be sent an electronic invitation. Upon receiving the invitation, please confirm whether you will be attending in your personal web office.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to deny an invitation to an applicant without explanation.

Information about the participation formats is available in the Participants section.

A description of the Forum participation formats is available in the Participants section.

Information about the cost of participation is available in the Participants section.

In order to maintain a high level of representation, the organizers have imposed restrictions on the number of participants in REW 2017 representing a single company.

Please note that if you exceed the quotas for the number of participants from a single company, the cost of participation will be increased.

For more on the quotas (the maximum number of participants from a single company), please see the Participants section.

Expanded quotas for participation in the Forum are granted to REW 2017 partner companies. Additional information about how to take part in the Forum as a partner is available in the Partners section closer to the date of the Forum.

The plenary session is open to all Forum participants who have purchased the Premium package.

A participant can only be replaced based on a decision by the Forum Organizing Committee. If a participant who received an invitation from the Forum Organizing Committee is unable to attend the Forum for any reason, you must contact the Delegate Management Department and submit a written request to the chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee to substitute one participant with another.

Delegate Management Department

 +7 (800) 333 1773



Each participant fills out a contract in the personal web office and sends a copy to the Forum organizers. As soon as the organizers received a copy of the contract signed by the participant, the personal web office offers the opportunity to create an invoice for payment via bank transfer. The payment date is the date on which the funds are transferred to the Roscongress Foundation’s account.

Participants can also pay for participation in the Forum and additional services in cash or via bank card at the accreditation point (a commission of 5.5% is charged and Russian roubles are the payment currency).


Representatives of partner companies who take part in the Forum are equal in status to participants with Premium and Standard packages. Participating in the Forum as a partner will enable your company to gain a number of advantages. For more information on the Forum’s partner companies, see the Partners section closer to the date of the Forum.

How can an organization become a REW partner?

Only a company that receives an appropriate invitation can become a partner of REW 2017. If your company would like to become a partner (sponsor) of REW 2017, please contact the Client Relations Department of the Roscongress Foundation:

 +7 (495) 640 9291, ext. 150

  +7 (495) 640 7844



Security measures require participants to obtain an accreditation badge to enter the Forum venue and the sites of the Forum’s cultural programme.

Badges are programmed cards (proximity cards) with a unique key that is attached to the entry about the participant in the Forum’s database. Badges contain the following information about the holder: name and surname (Latin letters), company, category, access level, REW symbols, photo, and general attributes.

Badges are personalized and may not be transferred to third parties. You must carry your badge as well as an identity document throughout the duration of the Forum. Badges are the only valid accreditation document.

Participants can go to any of the accreditation points to pick up their badges. The accreditation points are open in advance of the Forum events.

To pick up your badge, you must present the document you used when registering on the Forum website (usually a passport). When issuing the badge, the accreditation desk operator will verify that all the information is correct and up to date.

Before picking up your badge, you need to make sure:

1) you have registered as a Forum participant;

2) your participation has been approved by the Forum Organizing Committee and that this is recorded in the information system of the Forum organizers;

3) you have provided all the necessary and correct information about yourself;

4) you have uploaded a badge photo in the personal web office or already submitted it to the organizers in the required format (colour photo against a white background in JPEG format, photo size of 480×640 pixels, resolution (photo quality) of 300 dpi, a full-face photo with no head gear, your face must take up at least 70% of the photo);

5) you have paid the registration fee and that this is recorded in the information system of the Forum organizers;

6) your participation has been approved by the Forum security service and that this is recorded in the information system of the Forum organizers.

If a third party is picking up a badge using a power of attorney, the proxy must present an original copy of the power of attorney using the standard form, including a list of the accredited participants and an identity document (passport). You must have a copy of the passport of the participant for whom the proxy is picking up the badge.

The power of attorney form as well as a sample form can be downloaded on the Forum website in the Accreditation section closer to the dates of the event.

If your badge is lose, stolen, or damaged, you should immediately inform the administrator of any information and service desk, accreditation point, or a Help Desk, or call: +7 (800) 333 1773. The lost badge is then blocked and the Help Desk issues a duplicate based on a written request from the badge holder.

Contact information

For additional information, please contact the Information Service of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Development International Forum - ‘Russian Energy Week’:

 +7 (800) 333 1773