COVID-19/PCR testing

/ COVID-19 / PCR testing

PCR testing procedures to access the venue

In order to access the Forum venue after 08:00 on 13 October all participants of REW 2021 and Forum events, as well as media representatives and staff who will attend REW events, must undergo PCR testing for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID‑19).

Participants must take a test at one of the dedicated REW testing centres no earlier than 08:00 on 11 October and no later than 24 hours before arriving at the Forum venue. An accreditation badge is invalid without a negative PCR test result.

Please note that lab testing can take up to 24 hours.

The badge is activated for the entire Forum period.

You should undergo PCR testing exclusively at the REW 2021 testing centres. Test results from other testing centres will not be accepted.

The result will automatically be sent to the Accreditation Centre. There is no need to submit the result of the PCR test. It is possible to receive an accreditation badge first and then take the test, or vice versa. The badge is activated after a negative result has been received, and will work until the end of the Forum.

Where to get tested

Testing will be carried out in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

It is necessary to sign up for testing in the one of the REW 2021 dedicated PCR testing centres via the Roscongress personal account (for participants) / personal web office (for media). More information is available in the Signing up for testing and payment for participants and media section.

Accessing the plenary session with a PCR test

Visitors to the plenary session must take a PCR test from 05:00 to 20:00 12 October.

Accessing sports and entertainment programme events

Spectators will be admitted to sports and entertainment events with activated REW 2021 badge.

Procedures for PCR testing during installation work