COVID-19/PCR testing

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All Forum participants, media representatives and staff who will be present at events must take a PCR test for COVID-19 at a dedicated Forum testing centre operated by Rospotrebnadzor.

Results of tests taken at other laboratories will NOT be accepted for access to the venue.

REW 2022 testing centres PCR test. Infographics

When taking a PCR test you must provide your Forum participant ID. Before visiting a testing centre, please find out your Forum participant ID number (available in the Roscongress personal account or personal web office) and take your passport with you. If you have already received your badge, please take it with you – you can find your ID number there.

Results will be upload to the Forum information system automatically.

Results will be provided within 24 hours.

Accreditation badges are only activated, rather than distributed, on the basis of PCR test results. It is possible to take a test after receiving an accreditation badge or vice versa.

PCR testing during installation work

Installation period: from 00:01 on 1 October until 15:00 on 11 October. 

PCR testing for the duration of installation work must be taken no earlier than 48 hours and no later than 24 hours before the venue visit. Test result is valid until the end of the installation work.

PCR testing to access the Forum

In order to access the Forum venue after the end of installation work all participants of REW 2022 as well as media representatives and staff who will attend REW events, must undergo PCR testing for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID‑19).

Participants must take PCR test 24 hours before arriving at the venue for the first time, but no earlier than 08:00 on 11 October. The badge is activated after a negative result has been received, and will work until the end of the Forum.

A single test is sufficient for attendance at all Forum events with the exception of the plenary session. Plenary session attendees must take PCR test no earlier than 13:00 on 11 October.

PCR testing to access the plenary session

Visitors to the plenary session must take a PCR test from 13:00 on 11 October. You may pass the PCR testing in any testing centre or book off-site PCR testing. Results will be provided within 24 hours. The result of this test is valid until the end of the Forum.

Please be aware that attendance at the plenary session is not included in the participation package and is by special invitation only. Please check for updates during the Forum.

Required data for testing

1.Information about COVID-19 immunity.

Provide information about your immunity to COVID-19 in the Roscongress personal account or the personal web office (for media and organizations).

2.Forum participant ID.

provide your Forum participant ID;

bring a document confirming your identity (passport). You may need it if you cannot be found in the information system of the Forum.

Your test will be linked to the ID number. Without the ID number, it will be impossible to transfer data to the accreditation centre and activate your badge to access the event.


present your badge.

3.Medical treatment consent.

For participants planning to take a PCR test in Moscow, you must print, fill out, sign a medical treatment consent form before visiting the testing centre and bring it with you.

PCR testing at dedicated Forum testing centres is strictly by appointment only. Please arrive at the time of your booking.