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Press centre

The Russian Energy Week’s press centre is a modern venue where media representatives can work in comfort.

The REW press centre is located on the 1st floor of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Media representatives, representatives of media partners, employees of the host broadcaster and employees of the press services of authorized organizations accredited to work at the REW are entitled to use the press centre.

The entire press centre is a free Wi-Fi zone.

Network: REW-2019

When connecting to the network, please follow the instructions on the login page in order to access the REW-2019 Wi-Fi.

You will be connected to the REW-2019 network automatically after the first successful login.

The phones provided in the press centre are free to use for long-distance and international calls.

The REW 2019 mobile app provides users with the most up-to-date information about the Forum as well as various services connected to the event. It can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play (use the search term ‘rew 2019’).

The following official event hashtags have been introduced to make it easier to search for information about the REW Forum on social media:
#РЭН #РЭН2019 #ФорумРЭН #REW #REW2019


Manege Central Exhibition Hall

2–4 October 2019


5 October 2019


The accreditation points for issuing badges to accredited Forum participants will be open from 25 September 2019.


The Roscongress Foundation provides photographers for business, cultural and sporting programme events at the REW and other events organized by the Foundation. The photos are published in real time to the Roscongress Photo Bank, which can be found at To make searching for photos easier, the albums can be sorted by category and date. The images can be viewed and downloaded in high resolution free of charge, and can be used freely with a link to the Roscongress Photo Bank and the Russian Energy Week.


Press centre at Manege Central Exhibition Hall (briefing hall)

The press centre is located on the 1st floor of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, and is designed as a workspace for journalists and a venue for press events and signing ceremonies. The hall has 54 seats, 27 of which are equipped with laptops, and a four-seat panel. Equipment for simultaneous interpretation into Russian and English is also provided.

Information about the schedule for press events and signing ceremonies is available on the REW website (, the information desk (information and services point) and by announcement via the press centre’s news channel (loudspeaker system in the briefing hall, SMS alerts).

Представители СМИ имеют возможность присутствовать на церемониях подписания соглашений.


Participants of the official Russian Energy Week programme will be able to meet with media representatives at the press points, which are specially equipped with a public address system and decorated in the REW style. The press points will also be available for signing ceremonies.

Press point locations:

Press point 1

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, 1st floor

Press point 2

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, -2nd floor

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, 1st floor:

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, -2nd floor:

Information services


There is an information desk (information and services point) at the REW press centre on the 1st floor of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, where participants can find out about access to REW events, changes to the programme, services offered, announcements about press events and signing ceremonies, and other information. If any technical issues arise while working with press centre or personal equipment, please contact the information desk.


The Press Events Programme will be added to the Media section of the website (, and will provide details about the location, time, topic and other announcements for any press events and signing ceremonies organized by REW participants and taking place at the REW venue. This service will make it easier for participants to properly plan their work at the Forum. Press releases (announcements) of press events are posted on the official REW website in the Media Events Programme section and at the information and services point, which is located on the 1st floor of the Manege Central Exhibition Hall.


Protocol and organizational support will be available for signing ceremonies and press briefings at the press centre. Participants wishing to book these services must fill out an application form.


An internal television broadcast network will be in operation at the press centre during the REW in order to keep media representatives up to date. TV screens have been installed in all areas of the press centre to stream the Forum events live and provide information about upcoming Forum events. The news channel will be broadcast in Russian and English.

The Forum’s business programme events are also available to stream live in the Programme section of the official Forum website (

Viewing past Forum events: an archive of broadcasts is available in the Programme section of the website ( To watch a broadcast, simply select the date and name of the event.