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Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world and obviously one of the largest Russian centres with powerful electricity system. The population of Moscow is about 12 million people (10,2% of the country population). List of commercial and residential customers of electricity includes 73 000 buildings and 4 350 streets. The gross regional product of Moscow is about 21.7% of the total Russian GRP.
Extraordinary area means big responsibility. Modernisation of electricity system via additional investments and energy efficiency policy help to achieve our primary goals.
GRP energy intensity was reduced by 24,4% in the period from 2011 to 2016.
Moscow looks to meet its goal of reducing energy intensity by 40% in 2020.
ROSATOM is the Russian Federation national nuclear corporation bringing together circa 350 nuclear companies and R&D institutions that operate in the civilian and defense sectors. With 70 years' expertise in the nuclear field, we are a global leader in technologies and competencies offering cutting-edge industry solutions. We work on a global scale to provide comprehensive nuclear services that range from uranium enrichment to nuclear waste treatment. ROSATOM is a proponent of the uniform national policy and best management practices in nuclear power utilization, the nuclear weapons industry, and nuclear safety. ROSATOM is responsible for meeting Russia's international commitments regarding peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear non-proliferation. Other – ROSATOM lines of business include nuclear medicine and composite materials.
The Genesis premium brand was firstly introduced in the world in November 2015. Genesis vehicles meet the highest standards of the automotive industry and are distinguished by advanced engineering solutions, elegant design and excellent dynamic characteristics.

The Genesis brand presents a new concept of luxury, offering its clients first-class safety and perfect customer service. Innovative, comfortable, dynamic – Genesis cars embodied all the values ​​of the brand and are designed to show the refined edge of premium.

In the Russia Genesis and its flagship sedan Genesis G90 were presented in September 2016. In 2017, the Genesis model line-up was expanded with the all-wheel drive sedan G80. Genesis is going to release six new models by the end of 2021, including a crossover and a sports coupe.
Public joint stock company “Rosseti” (PJSC “Rosseti”) – the operator of energy networks in Russia – is one of the largest power companies in the world. The company manages 2,3 million kilometers of power lines and 496 thousand substations with the total transformer capacity of more than 773 thousand MVA.

In 2016 the supply of electric power to consumers was up to 742,7 billion kW∙h. The number of employees of the “Rosseti” Group of companies is 216 thousand people.

Consolidated revenue of the group in 2016 reached 904 billion rubles, which was 17.9% more than in 2015.  A record net profit of 98.3 billion rubles has been achieved: it is 20.5% higher than a year earlier.

The complex assets of PJSC “Rosseti” are represented by 36 affiliated and dependent companies including 14 interregional and a regional distribution grid company. The controlling shareholder is the State represented by the Federal Agency of the State Property Administering of the Russian Federation, that owns 87.9 % of the share capital.