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One of the largest private Russian banks which offers its clients all major types of banking operations. At the ‘Russian Energy Week’ (REW) exhibition site, Alfa-Bank will conduct training and provide consultative support for representatives of enterprises that are exporters and importers in the energy sector.

Moscow Government

The government authority that heads the system of executive authorities of the City of Moscow – one of the world’s biggest megalopolises with the largest energy system in the Russian Federation.

General partner of the ‘Russian Energy Week’.

The Moscow Government’s booth will offer an improvised mixed reality zone, whose features will be presented in holographic form (‘Pepper’s Ghost’ technology).


One of Russia’s biggest energy companies and a leader in the production of renewable energy, developing power generation based on the energy of water currents, sea tides, sun, wind, and geothermal energy.

Partner of the REW.

RusHydro will present visitors to the ‘Russian Energy Week’ exhibition site with an original image‑based video clip about the company’s activities. 

Lighting Technologies

A leading manufacturer of lighting equipment that utilizes the most advanced technologies in its production.

Lighting Technologies will present the REW guests and participants with the best examples of the equipment it manufactures: lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting of public and administrative buildings, sports facilities, shopping malls, and production facilities.


Russia’s largest coal company and one of the world’s top ten manufacturers and exporters of coal.

Partner of the REW.

The main theme of SUEK’s booth is 3D holograms, which include the company's image-based clips such as a waterfall exhibit that demonstrates the cleaning properties of coal: contaminated water passes through a wide layer of coal and comes out as clean water that is fed into a fish aquarium. The exhibitor will also show a video about the use of helmets with Granch headlamps by workers at mining enterprises whose main advantage is the option of three lighting modes: basic, low-energy, and emergency, which are switched on either manually or automatically depending on the condition of the battery.

Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan

An executive authority of the Republic of Tatarstan that exercises powers in attracting investments as well as supporting and implementing investment projects.

The exhibitor will show the ‘Russian Energy Week’ guests and participants a presentation on the implementation of investment projects and energy conservation programmes at energy-intensive industrial enterprises in the Republic of Tatarstan, such as Tatneft, Nizhnekamskneftekhim, Kazanorgsintez, and others.


The world’s largest pipeline company and the operator of Russia’s main oil pipelines.

Partner of the Russian Energy Week.


The company will present the premium brand Genesis, the official car of the REW Forum. Genesis vehicles meet the highest standards in the automotive industry and are distinguished by their advanced engineering solutions, elegant design, and excellent dynamic performance.

Genesis consultants will answer the visitors’ questions about the features and advantages of the new car.

Rosatom State Corporation

One of the leaders in the world nuclear industry and the largest generating company in Russia, which provides 18.3% of power generation in the country.

General nuclear partner of the REW.

The booth will feature a presentation of the primary modern achievements in the industry.


One of the largest power grid companies in the world and the operator of Russia’s power grids.

Strategic partner of ‘Russian Energy Week’.

Visitors to the Rosseti booth will be able to learn about the latest achievements in power grid production.


One of Russia’s largest producers of natural gas which is engaged in the exploration, production, processing, and sale of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has twenty years of experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.

Official partner of the REW.

The exhibitor’s booth will present leading achievements in natural gas production.


Russia’s largest integrated gas processing and petrochemical company.

Partner of the ‘Russian Energy Week’.

The company will show the REW guests and participants a fascinating animated presentation about the petrochemical industry.

Global Energy Prize

The Global Energy Prize is an independent award for outstanding scientific research and technological development in energy, which contribute to efficiency and environmentally friendly energy sources for the benefit of humanity.

The award was established in Russia, through The Global Energy Association and with the support of leading Russian energy companies Gazprom, FGC UES and Surgutneftegas. Laureates are presented with their award by the President of Russia or by a person on his behalf.

The Global Energy Prize promotes energy development as a science and demonstrates the importance of international energy cooperation, as well as public and private investment in energy supply, energy efficiency and energy security. It stands for the belief that advances in science and technology should serve the long-term interests of human development, improving social security and living standards of people in all countries.

In 2013 at the award ceremony of The Global Energy Prize in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "Since its inception, the Global Energy Prize has been one of the most prestigious international awards, rallying around shared goals the creative community of talented scientists, researchers and experts in the field of energy from Russia and many other countries. Each year the award’s credibility grows, and the presentation ceremony is famous for its unique atmosphere of creativity, openness and scientific solidarity".


Energy Alliance

Energy Alliance is a Russian company that provides energy metering solutions.  The company is the sole official distributor of Swiss equipment manufacturer Landis+Gyr in Russia.

Energy Alliance has representative offices in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Krasnoyarsk, and Ekaterinburg.


ETS Group

ETS Group provides comprehensive engineering services in the energy sector (engineering, construction, operation, consulting&analytics) including:

•          Electrical grid facilities (6-10 kV, 35-750 kV voltage types) survey and design projects.

•          Construction and modernization of electrical grid facilities.

•          Long-range energy expansion schemes and programs for constituent entities of the Russian Federation and heating schemes development.

•          Industrial and civil facilities power layouts development.

•          Energy conservation and energy efficiency programs development.

•          Benchmarking of energy companies’ investment and operation activities.

•          Feasibility studies, JOI calculation for new power facilities construction, energy prices and tariffs forecast.

•          UAV air photography and cameral treatment.

ETS Group clients are major Russian and international companies, such as: RF Ministry of Energy, Moscow City Government, FGC UES, PJSC “ROSSETI”, JSC “Concern Rosenergoatom”, PJSC “RusHydro”, PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation”, JSC