Visa requirements

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Visa = An invitation for foreign visitors + A document checklist

An invitation for foreign visitors

! Please note, that an invitation for foreign visitors is a separate document from a REW invitation. This document comes from Forum organizers.

This document could be generated in the Roscongress personal account (follow the tabs ‘My events – REW 2022 – Event dashboard – Visa support’).

Participant’s data is automatically uploaded into the invitation for foreign visitors from the Roscongress personal account. Participant only needs to tell the location of visa receipt.  

If errors in personal data were found while filling out the document, the participant can contact Roscongress Foundation specialists to make changes in the personal data. The invitation for foreign visitors can then be generated.

An invitation for foreign visitors must be downloaded, printed and submitted along with other required visa documents.

Document checklist


Upon presenting your invitation for foreign visitors to their local Russian consular office, participants will be able to receive a same-day, short-term, single-use entry visa into the Russian Federation for the period from 5 to 24 October 2022 at one of the Russian Federation's consular offices.

In order to apply for an entry visa into the Russian Federation, the invited individual must visit their local consular office of the Russian Federation. The locations of your nearest Russian consular office can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

We recommend that participants visit their local Russian consular office well in advance – no later than two (2) weeks before their departure.

It is not recommended that participants acquire entry visas through third-party visa centres or travel agencies, as they are not authorized to issue official visas.

You will need the following documents when visiting a consular office: