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September 20, 2017

The prospects for Russian-EU cooperation to be discussed at the Russian Energy Week

Maxim Shereykin, General Director of the Agency for Technological Development, will participate in the panel discussion ‘Russian–European Cooperation: The Path to Global Improvements in Energy Efficiency’ as part of the Russian Energy Week. 

The discussion will be moderated by Jacques de Boisséson, General Director, Total E&P Russie. President of Schneider Electric for Russia and CIS Johan Vanderplaetse, President of BP Russia David Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of European Businesses Frank Schauff, President of Alstom Russia Philippe Pegorier and others will take part in the discussion.

Advanced energy efficiency improvement technologies, Russia–EU integration in the sphere of technology and the prospects for Russian energy sector modernization will be the key topics.

“One of the Agency's objectives is to assist Russian enterprises in obtaining competitive technological solutions. Thus, the demonstration of the prospects of the Russian fuel and energy sector will help us learn about the latest technologies that will be used in many sectors in the near future, including gas, oil, coal, petrochemicals, and others. Solutions in energy conservation and energy efficiency are of particular interest. I am certain that Russian Energy Week will enable us to not simply determine the avenues of further development of the energy sector as a whole, but also to demonstrate our achievements. In addition, the forum should be an effective platform for realizing the potential of international cooperation in the energy sector”, Maxim Shereykin said.