Russian companies now can prove the origin of their electricity

August 4, 2023

Russian companies now can prove the origin of their electricity

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law introducing certificates of origin for electricity. The corresponding document was published on the official website of legal information.

According to the law, only the facilities that run on renewable energy sources “without the use of combustion” or on nuclear power will be recognized as low-carbon facilities. Market participants will be able to obtain a document that confirms the origin of the electricity and in turn provide and disseminate information about it for their own purposes (e.g. for advertising).

In addition to the concept of a certificate, the document also introduces ‘generation attributes’, which, as the Market Council Association explained earlier, will be a set of information about a qualified ‘green’ generation facility. It is planned to transfer them with the help of various certificates or conclude free bilateral contracts in respect of them.

“Generation attributes and their certificates of origin are negotiable forms of fixing the advantages of renewable and low-carbon energy over conventional energy,” says the explanatory note to the bill. With their help, companies will be able to confirm their low-carbon energy consumption, which should also help in the calculation of the carbon footprint of manufactured products.

The changes regarding low-carbon certificates and the nuances of their circulation will come into effect 180 days after the law is published.

In the past, it was assumed that the volume of circulation of these instruments should be at least 400 bln kWh per year. The Market Council raised the issue of creating a certification structure at the association’s general meeting last year, but no decision was made at that time. The relevant decision was finally made this year, and the structure will be named the Energy Certification Centre.

Source: Interfax

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