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March 25, 2019

Russian Energy Week Organizing Committee Meets in Moscow

The Organizing Committee for 2019 Russian Energy Week International Forum has held a meeting in Moscow chaired by Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak. Opening the meeting, Novak thanked the Organizing Committee, the REW organizers, and representatives of the companies participating in the Forum for their joint constructive work on organizing the largest international event in the industry. “Over the past two years, Russian Energy Week has become a major international platform for discussing the current energy agenda and identifying strategic focuses for the development of the fuel and energy industry. This has been confirmed by the high praise offered by the Russian President and other participants in the Forum. I am certain that the dialogue that we are holding as part of REW is essential to the further development not only of the Russian but also the global energy policy”, he said.

The meeting participants outlined the main areas of work in terms of preparing for the Forum, which will be held on 2–5 October 2019. In particular, they discussed the conditions for participation and the invitation campaign as well as issues concerning the preparation of the venue for the event (Manege Central Exhibition Hall) and Moscow’s infrastructure. Commenting on organizational preparations for the Forum, Advisor to the Russian President and Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee Anton Kobyakov said: “The objectives that we successfully met at REW 2018 must be further developed at the upcoming Forum. The Forum must not only be informative, but also more vivid and memorable for all participants. Of course, we must continue to pay considerable attention to the high-quality work that is being done for the sustainable development of the international component of the Forum, industry-specific innovation projects, and the training of the employee pool for the industry. We need to make efforts to promote the REW youth agenda. In view of the President’s instructions, such events are strategic and are included in all the major forums held by Roscongress”.

The REW Organizing Committee members and meeting participants also made suggestions on the themes of the event’s business programme and the concept for constructing and designing the exhibition space. “This time we are planning to present a new format of the concept for the layout solutions of the site, which will enable REW partner companies to present multimedia informational content about themselves, how the industry is developing in Russia, and scientific and innovative achievements in Russia in the format of interactive presentation zones”, Deputy Minister of Energy Anton Inyutsin said in his speech. 

As per tradition, the national meeting on preparations for the 20192020 autumn and winter 20192020 heating season, a series of events under the auspices of the UN, and a meeting of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum will take place during Russian Energy Week. In addition, the results and winners of the MediaTEK 2019 national competition of mass media, press services of fuel and energy companies, and regional administrations will be announced and awarded during Russian Energy Week. The last day of the Forum will feature the #BrighterTogether Youth Day, the main youth event on energy efficiency and energy development, where young energy specialists will have an opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn about corporate and government experience in implementing projects related to energy and energy efficiency.

In conclusion, Kobyakov informed the representatives of energy companies about the upcoming Russia-Africa summit. “In October, an unprecedented event in terms of its scale will be held in Sochi – the Russia-Africa Summit and Business Forum. I invite companies in the industry to present their developments, products, and projects as part of these events. Africa is of great interest to domestic energy companies, not only in terms of energy supplies, but also equipment, technologies, and services. By implementing joint energy projects, Russia can attract solid investments to the continent not only for the development of the fuel and energy sector, but also for the social and transport infrastructure of African countries”, Kobyakov said.

For more on the priorities of the industry’s development and the sustainability or volatility of energy markets, see the Roscongress Foundation information and analytical system.