Forum of National Achievements: Energy Provides Guests with Charge of Knowledge and Positivity

February 20, 2024

Forum of National Achievements: Energy Provides Guests with Charge of Knowledge and Positivity

For an entire day on 20 February, the Forum of National Achievements: Energy at the International RUSSIA EXPO showcased the successes of the Russian energy industry, demonstrated the latest developments in the industry, invited guests to take part in fuel- and energy-related activities, and entertained them with educational, cultural, sports, and gastronomic programmes. The Forum is already being hailed as one of the main events in the energy industry of this winter season, with an extensive thematic day programme and tens of thousands of visitors despite the cold weather. These people were lucky enough to see the grand celebration of the fuel and energy industry with their own eyes. For everyone else who was unable to attend the Forum of National Achievements: Energy, here is what you missed.

Throughout the day, the Cosmos Pavilion hosted a job fair titled ‘Build a Career in the Energy Industry’, at which high school graduates and university students had the opportunity to visit the booths of Unigreen Energy, Rosseti, Lukoil, Mosenergo, RusHydro, and SIBUR Holding, fill out forms to be included in these companies’ talent pools, take part in career-oriented games and competitions, and take home valuable prizes.

For those who are interested in energy, but do not have any immediate plans to build a career in the industry, the organizers prepared an intellectual programme with lectures about the challenges facing the domestic fuel and energy industry in the current geopolitical climate, the history of Russia’s key energy facilities, environmental aspects of work on the Arctic shelf, as well as career guidance in the digital world, such as how to shed their fears and become an IT specialist at a nuclear power plant. However, it is impossible to list all the topics covered by experts in a single article.

Considering that young visitors have a hard time sitting through long lectures, the organizers prepared more active intellectual battles for them. Participants in the game Energy Bingo learned interesting facts about energy and won prizes with the insignia of the company RusHydro. During the master class ‘Creating a Hydraulic Turbine Model’, children over 10 years of age, along with their parents, tried their hand at designing and assembling a hydraulic turbine model and tested the power of the water wheel they created. An entertaining demonstration of electrical safety rules was held for the youngest guests with characters from the animated series Lampochkins, in addition to a performance titled ‘Caution, Electricity!’ by the main characters of the animated series Fiksiki.

Adult Forum participants took part in the ‘ATOM Quiz. Energy 2.0’, with the winners receiving prizes from the Atom Pavilion, one of the key platforms from the thematic day, at which were not only able to take part in the host’s excursions and master classes, but also become spectators of a unique event, as 16 couples got married at once for the first time at the RUSSIA EXPO. All the newlyweds are nuclear industry workers from different cities of Russia.

One of the most exciting events was a master class held by welders from MOSGAZ, who recently won a world championship in China. The participants were able to experience first-hand all the subtleties and complexities of a welder’s work by putting on a virtual reality helmet that fully simulates what it’s like to be a real welder. Others took part in the quest ‘One Day with a Gas Inspector’, a master class on how to make a model 112 car, and the game ‘Gas Safety Rules’, where they tested their chances of survival in the event of an emergency.

Energy Day culminated with a concert programme featuring creative teams from MOSGAZ, Lukoil, Surgutneftegas, Inter RAO, SO UES, and Rosatom State Corporation, as well as performances by the Russian pop stars: Polina Gagarina, Nyusha, Marie Crimebreri, Seville (Artik & Asti group), Uma2rman, Quatro, and other famous performers. During the show, which was hosted by sports commentator Dmitry Guberniyev and TV presenter Karina Cross, the winners were announced for a prize drawing from industry companies, including tickets to matches of the football clubs Spartak, CSKA, and Zenit, and an award ceremony was held for the winners of a football tournament among corporate teams.

In addition, the Forum’s visitors and participants were treated to the national cuisines of various Russian ethnic groups throughout the day.

The Forum is being organized by the Government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, and the Directorate of the Exhibition of Russia’s Achievements. The operator is the Roscongress Foundation.

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