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December 3, 2018

Two New Solar Power Stations Commissioned in Saratov Region

Vladimir Komarov, representative of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of Saratov Region informed TASS that two solar power stations (SPS) with a capacity of 10 MW and 15 MW have been commissioned in the region. 

“In Saratov Region, two new solar power stations have been launched. These are 15 MW Novouzensk SPS and the second stage of Orlov-Gai SPS with 10 MW capacity,” said Komarov. 

He specified that both stations are already connected to the grid. The projected annual output of Novouzensk SPS is 18 GW/h, while the second phase of the Orlov-Gai SPS will produce 12 GW/h. According to Mr. Komarov, their output volume is enough to supply 15 thousand households.

The TASS source added that the Hevel Group (a joint venture of Renova Group and AO Rosnano) is an investor and general contractor of construction. The total investment in the new stations' project amounted to more than 2 billion roubles.

“In 2017, the company already constructed two solar power stations in the region: 15 MW Pugachev SPS and the first stage of Orlov-Gai SPS with a capacity of 5 MW. Thus, after the commissioning of new stations, the total capacity of the company’s solar generation in Saratov Region amounted to 45 MW,” said the representative of the Ministry, adding that the total volume of SPSs in the region is expected to reach a 100 MW.

Earlier, the two SPSs constructed in 2018 in Saratov Region qualified to participate in the electricity trade on the wholesale market and started supplying energy to the grid. Until now, solar electricity was used in the region sparsely and mostly for remote locations, such as camping sites, hunting lodges, and cabins.

Source: TASS